Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week 5 - Personality time!

It's already week 5 - Bianca (17.5 pounds!) doesn't look like a mobile sausage anymore, and she is even showing hints of her great dane-age. Her temperment continues to be quite good, although she turns out to be a little shy! This is surprising as she is extremely outgoing and smart -- when the breeder was weaning the pups at first, she put the bitch in the high-sided whelping box with the pups on a mattress to the side. At that age, the pups cannot climb the wall of the box, and the bitch is usually quite happy for the peace. So the breeder was shocked to find Bianca in the box with Martini the next AM - apparently Bianca had Built. A. Ramp.

Out of the stuffed animals.

By the afternoon, she'd taught the others... so the breeder ended up moving Martini to another pen, which is not the point -- the point being, Bianca's got a real personality!

Still, Bianca's very shy when taken away from her sibling pack. She checks me out nervously...

I must have smelled OK. Bianca thinks my coat is a good place to snuggle. Note to self - do not wear the nice shearling coat next time.

Mommy, Why can I not lick your glasses off?

Bianca is not too sure about Daddy at first...

Ooh! My toy! Never mind, you'll do!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Week 4! Bianca looks like a puppy now!

Bianca's siblings form a wary pack...
While I hold Bianca!

Bianca gives me a sniff while siblings snuggle in the background...perhaps I'll do, after all.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Week 3 - photos old and new

Eyes just opened, week 3(ish) Doubt there's any focusing going on. Bianca is great about being held so far; no anxiety or yipping. Her brothers..not so much.

This one was from her first week, before her eyes were open. Such a cuddly little snausage. Having that wee little snozzle wuzzling into my arm was beyond adorable.